Our wedding party

Mother of the Bride:  Cynthia D. McGinnis

Father of the Bride: James A. Daggs

Godparents of the Bride: Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Phillips

Stepmother of the Bride: Denise Daggs

Mother of the Groom: Beverly McAlphin

Father of the Groom: Sylvester Shine

Stepfather of the Groom: Charles McAlphin

Crystal's attendants
  • Tamika Craft-Demming, Matron Of Honor
    My cousin who has inspired me to always continue on with my dreams and aspirations. She has taught me to never give up on the things that matter most to me in life. As a kid, I would watch Tamika and friends perform their routine as Forest Brook Majorettes, that made me become a Dulles Doll....thing is Tamika can't dance.....
  • Antoinette Young, Matron Of Honor
    My younger cousin who has been raised so close to me that she often mistakes herself as my little sister, I am quick to make the correction. She has grown up into a fine young women who has continued her journey in life with happiness and joy in her heart.
Kevin's attendants
  • Terrance Shine, Best Man
    The love you have for your siblings will always run deep, that is a true statement when it comes to me and my Spanky. That would be my younger brother, Terrance. As far back as I can remember, as we grew up in San Antonio, TX there wasn’t a time that I could leave the house or attempt to leave home without Terrance wanting to follow me. I’m sure you all know that drove me crazy! There was a time that changed my mindframe when it came to my little brother and his desire to be around his older brother. As I decided to leave home one day, my brother at his young age came outside yelling my name from down the street in only his underwear, which is when I began to understand the meaning of brotherly love. There are times I must remind him who the eldest of us is, but I wouldn’t trade my Spanky in for the world.
  • Sean Phillips, Groomsman
    "GodBrother of the Bride" Siblings often have their differences, but they will always be there for you. I wasn't just blessed with a brother, but a best friend!!
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